Paid Workshop

Practice Management Course (Work Smarter Not Harder)

Maadi Hall, Nile-Ritz Carlton April 6, 2017 9:00 am - 5:00 pm

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Dr. Ehab Heikal

By Dr. Ehab Heikal

 ADA CERP credit hours

Credit Hours:

One Day Only: 6

Two Days: 12


Practice Management Course

(Work Smarter Not Harder)

Day 1


Definitions, concepts & historical foundations

 Types of goals and plans

 SWOT analysis

 Management skills

 Managerial roles

 Hierarchy of needs

 Organizational environment

 Corporate culture

 Management of small businesses and entrepreneurship

 Business plan

 Planning and goal setting

 Mission and vision

 Management by objectives

 Strategic management

Organizing, Leading & Controlling

 Organizing structure

 Charts

 Authority & responsibility

 Delegation

 Differences between different types of organizational structures

 Teams and team building

 Human resource management

 Leadership and motivation

 Differences between leadership and management

 Change leadership

 Communication

 Control methods, types and philosophies

Day 2


 Definitions

 Marketing management

 Needs, wants and demands

 Market segmentation

 The four P’ s and its applications

 Pricing strategies

 Advertising and advertising campaigns

 Relationship marketing

 Customer oriented clinics

 Marketing your dental services.

Quality & Standardization

 The importance of quality in the dental service, and how patients perceive the quality of the dental work

 Closing the quality gaps

 The use of the standardization tools in a dental clinic

Dentist – Patient Relationship

 Dealing with patients, satisfying, retaining and turning them into loyal clients.

 Customer satisfaction & Retention

 Handling Negaholic patients.

 Preventative measures for handling the unsatisfied patients

Course Objectives

 To add the required managerial and administrative skills to the participants’

knowledge in order to be able to run the basic day to day business of their

clinic or hospital.

 To clearly understand the functions of management and the importance of

planning and executing plans

 To enhance the communication skills of the participants in regards to dealing

with their patients or other stakeholders.

 To be able to apply the modern marketing concepts in a very tough competitive dental market

 To understand and apply the Quality measures and Standardization procedures in the day to day practice

 To understand how to build proper and successful customer relations

 To understand customers’ behavior and how to satisfy and retain customers

 To be able to handle dissatisfied customers, and even prevent their occurrence.

 To be able to understand the basic accounting procedures, measuring performance through ratios, and the proper ways of financing new projects or extensions

One Day Course 800 L.E (500 L.E, if registered in the conference)

Two Days Course 1200 L.E (900 L.E if registered in the conference)