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Making a DENTIS screw retained temporary implant crown in the esthetic zone

Zamalek Hall, Nile Ritz Carlton April 6, 2017 10:00 am - 2:00 pm

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Prof. Tony Daher

Prof. Tony Daher

 ADA CERP credit hours

Credit Hours: 7

When a compromised anterior tooth is removed, the presentation of the alveolar socket varies from simple to more complex defect. The remaining tissues surrounding the extraction defect dictates the implant therapies. Several alveolar defect classification systems have been reported. All of these existing classifications however, describe the condition of an already healed edentulous site. A classification of the extraction defect immediately following tooth removal and prior to healing and remodeling which provides guidelines for implant treatment was introduced by Caplanis et al in 2009. The Extraction Defect Sounding (EDS) classification, simplifies the decision making process when planning for placement of a dental implant. This classification came short and no detailed recommendation of the provisional stage was described before and after surgical treatment for the esthetic zone.

The purpose of this hands-on is two folds:
1. With a slide presentation we will describe and evaluate all possible provisional techniques available to restore a single tooth in the anterior esthetic zone and give recommendations to the preferable techniques during site development and implant placement according to the EDS classification.
2. You will make a provisional crown in the esthetic zone. The hands-on session will help you to do and evaluate a Maxillary incisor screw retained provisional crown on a DENTIS implant.

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