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Long-Term Complication of Implant Supported Fixed Dentures

Alf Leila A, Nile-Ritz Carlton April 5, 2017 1:00 pm - 2:00 pm

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Prof. Alvin G. Wee

Prof. Alvin G. Wee

The original design for a prosthesis over dental implants was the implant supported complete denture (i.e. the hybrid prosthesis) in the mandibular arch. The design has evolved from requiring implant placement perpendicular to the occlusal plane to using four strategically placed angulated implants per arch (i.e., the “On-All-Four” concept).

This lecture will discuss the clinical complications of implant supported complete dentures in the following categories:
(1) Diagnostic
(2) Prosthetic
(3) Biologic
(4) Patient satisfaction

The lecture will present published data on clinical complications associated with these prostheses, as well as proposed solutions to minimize these complications.