Lecture Session Orthodontics

Passive self-ligating: biology, biomechanics and treatment efficiency

Abdeen Hall, Nile-Ritz Carlton April 5, 2017 10:00 am - 11:00 am

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Prof. David Bearn
Prof. Richard Cure

Prof. David Bearn and Prof. Richard Cure

This presentation will use clinical examples to explore the biological benefit

and biomechanical approach when using passive self-ligating (PSL)

orthodontic fixed appliances.

The use of PSL to deliver a predictable light force allows the clinician to take a

new approach to the treatment of many malocclusions with a decreased

reliance on extractions.


After this presentation, you will:

· Understand how PSL appliance systems deliver low force and efficient

tooth movement

· Understand that a new approach to biomechanics is required to release the

potential of these systems

· Know about clinical and scientific evidence to support the use of PSL