Esthetics Hands on Paid Workshop Webinar

Autologous Mesotherapy, Autologous Filler and New Hollywood Aesthetic Concept

Maadi Hall, Nile-Ritz Carlton April 7, 2017 2:00 pm - 7:00 pm

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Prof. Charis Vrettou

Prof. Charis Vrettou :

 ADA CERP credit hours

Credit Hours: 6

Our face represents our image to the world. It has been shown that a

healthy and glowing skin improves our everyday relationships and

increases our self-esteem.

PRP (Platelet rich plasma) is used nowadays in several medical fields

offering extremely satisfying solutions. LPCGF (Liquid Phase

Concentrated Growth Factors) is the second generation PRP.

The most efficient way to obtain biological regeneration of the skin is

through the autologous mesotherapy with LPCGF.

The method that I use to achieve this is to collect and to elaborate

periferical blood from the patient with a specific device in order to get a

proper number of growth factors and stem cells. Injecting them properly

activates great responses to the dermal cells and rejuvenates the skin.

Additionally we can use our own blood to create what is called plasma

filler so that we can restore volumes where needed without any

eterologous substances.

The purpose of this lecture is to analyze in details the effects of the

growth factors on the skin and the aesthetic improvements that we can

obtain, as well as to make clear why this is the best, easiest and safest

way to make our patient happier.

The specific treatment techniques will be applied and explained during

this workshop so that all participants become familiar with this method.

Workshop Co-coordinator: Prof. Dalia El-Boghdadi

Type : Hands On
Price :: 3000 LE
Price Of Webinar ticket : $90 = 1590 LE
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Aesthetic Handson by Prof. Charis Vrettou3,000.00 EGPAutologous Mesotherapy, Autologous Filler and New Hollywood Aesthetic Concept Handson by Prof. Charis Vrettou

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